10 Reasons Why You Must Go On a Meditation Retreat

Regular meditation is said to result in brain growth. However, developing a regular practice is another matter. For years I have found establishing a regular meditation practice very challenging. So many circumstances and excuses come in the way. Let us see ways in which we can motivate ourselves to establish a regular meditation practice. Of course the first question would be ‘How to Meditate?’ There […]

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How to Rewire Your Brain for Happiness

We hear a lot about creating new brain cells and rewiring your brain to staying smart till the day we die by learning new skills. However, we hardly hear about rewiring the brain to be happy. It is possible to do so by turning passing experiences into long-lasting connections in the brain so that you can be happy most of the time. Whatever happens in […]

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Sugar is Harmful for the Brain

Sugar-Free Diet for a Healthy Brain

Going on a sugar free diet for a period of 40 days was the best thing I could have done. I made this drastic decision when I read about the damage sugar can do to the brain in the book Rewire Your Brain – Think Your Way to a Better Life – Dr John B. Arden in which he says: The brain uses glucose as […]

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