Making space for the real you

Making Space for the Real You – Just Declutter

“The important thing in tidying is not deciding what to discard but rather what you want to keep in your life.”— Marie Kondo

Are you frustrated by the fact that you hardly have any space or time to do the things you wish to do? That the REAL YOU has been lost under the pile of ‘things’ or ‘things to do’ in any given day! Do you wish a Declutter Fairy would sneak into your home at night and tidy it up for you so you can live your life again?

The benefits of decluttering your emotions and mind will have an impact on all areas of your life. Delcuttering will help you Release Stress, Find Peace and Gain Energy.

Just Declutter Workshops will help you:

  • Understand your Self and how you end up with emotional and mental clutter
  • Give you tools and techniques to organize your spaces according to your vision
  • Provide the support of others who are facing a similar challenge
  • Help you choose the method most suitable to your personality

Frustrations of Physical Clutter

Most often clutter is most obvious on the physical level. Are you facing some of the challenges mentioned below:

  • Not being able to find things.
  • Taking too much time to find things.
  • Having to move stuff to find things.
  • Making a mess to find something.
  • Searching and not finding something.
  • Forgetting where things are and looking in the wrong place/s.
  • Giving up before finding it.
  • Buying a second or third thing because you can’t find the first.

No you are not having senior moment!! These are common to most of us these days. Let us find out what are the places that need attention.

What Needs Decluttering?

  • Handbag
  • House
  • Room
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Pantry
  • Kitchen
  • Car
  • Office

Check out the following questions and see if they are true for you as well. If so, then the Just Declutter Programme is for you.


What do you see as the problem, explain it – is it really a problem?

Is it one of space, stuff, organisation?

Is it one of self, personality, your character?

Is it one of importance, not important, [really not important, not just too much trouble and effort required?]

Emotional and mental clutter is not so obvious. However, working on clearing them will change your life in unexpected ways.

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