What is Energy Healing?

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Energy Healing is one of best methods to restore health, wealth and confidence. Infographic Courtesy – Mindvalley.com


What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a method or different techniques by which you can heal your mental, emotional and physical energy patterns that are causing you disease or blocks in your life. There are many methods like Reiki and Pranic Healing that clear up your energy bodies to restore health and well-being.

I have participated in a Free Online Masterclass – ‘Discover Your Unique Soulprint’ with Carol Tuttle webcast on 24 March 2015. Carol facilitated an energy healing session that made us aware of the ancestral energy print that we might have inherited from our family and is a part of us.

Carol Tuttle emphasized that it is not enough to just change our attitude since there are three other energy bodies such as — the spiritual body, emotional body and the physical body. Healing has to occur in all the four energy bodies for us to effectively change our Soulprint to invite Affluence, Ease and Joy into our lives.

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