My name is Sushma Webber. I am originally from India and moved to New Zealand in 2008. I have a Masters degree in Art History (MFA) and have been interested in tracing the development of the human mind as reflected in art. I am the Director of Tiger Fern Ltd.

For the last five years I have been examining the value of the mindfulness practices, zen techniques, philosophy of yoga and its effect on the human brain. Neuroscience and its latest discoveries have been of great interest. I had an opportunity to attend a 1-day workshop called ‘Hardwiring Happiness’ by Dr Rick Hanson, a neuropsychologist, when he visited Wellington. It was a highlight of my studies on how our thinking and feeling patterns affect the brain.

Having examined the causes for clutter and studied the work of the declutter gurus like Marie Kondo, Peter Walsh and others I noticed that the cause for physical clutter was deeper than was obvious. It seemed to originate from avoiding to deal with our emotions and thoughts. As I began to apply what I had studied and got my own emotions and thoughts in order, my home, attitude and environment started taking on a new, happy and tidy look!!

Often the beautiful person within is hidden by layers of unresolved emotions and thoughts. Many people find it hard to live to their full potential, embrace the changes that life throws at them and feel stuck in an old way of being.

I have tried and tested many methods that can help let go of old patterns and create new ones. I look forward to working with others in this process of clearing emotional and mental clutter. My main motivation was seeing my father suffer with unresolved feelings in his last days before he died on 25 July 2017. I observed that these unresolved feelings were from his youth and he had not had a chance to release them. When his body had become weak he was less able to deal with his emotions and thoughts. Hence the main purpose for designing these Just Declutter DIY workshops is to empower people to take charge of their emotions and thoughts, resolve them and move on in life.

For the last 3 years I have conducted workshops on how to live a life of awareness and find the resources necessary to do so. The workshops focused on mind-training through awareness, developing will-power, intuition and compassion. These workshops were held in Hamilton, Orewa and Wellington.

Just Declutter Workshops

Vision Statement:

To help skyrocket personal or business success.

Mission and Purpose Statement:

To educate, motivate and empower people to clear the clutter that is holding them back.